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Protection From Mould & Condensation

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Prolonged exposure to damp can cause deterioration and erosion of the property as well as serious health risks with mould growths and added moisture, which in some cases can result in respiratory issues. Damp Zone Ltd are experts in providing property damp and timber surveys for private and commercial properties. 
The more common areas where condensation poses the most problems are walls with windows, external walls, un-insulated solid floors and cold bridges (concrete lintels set in cavity walls).

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Condensation Solutions

When treating damp caused by condensation, simply heating the air is unlikely to be a satisfactory solution. Damp Zone Ltd takes a much deeper approach in ensuring the condensation and mould is taken care of and does not return.

Signs of Condensation Damp

  • Black Mould gathering on window-sill frames and edges

  • Excess water collecting on windows

  • Peeling paint or plaster

  • Mould on clothes or fabrics

  • Unpleasant musty smells

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Treating Condensation Damp

When treating damp caused by condensation, we don't just simply heat up the air, as this would not be a satisfactory solution, not only on the grounds of cost but this method is simply not practical. Any remedial action we take will involve both a lowering of moisture levels throughout the premises or affected areas and the elimination of cold surfaces. When condensation is a persistent problem Damp Zone Ltd has a team of specialist surveyors that will explore the cause of the problem and provide a solution.

If you have a condensation damp or mould issue in your home or premises, give Damp Zone Ltd a call. We also offer a no obligation survey of your property.

Condensation: Services
Condensation: Services
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Damp Zone Ltd are experts at identifying any condensation issues and preventing mould from developing in your home

Call us today for a free inspection of your residence

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