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Penetrating & Rising Damp Solutions

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Some of the most common occurrences of damp within the home are rising damp and penetrating damp. Water infiltrating a building externally through walls and travelling throughout a building is the cause of rising and penetrating damp. 
These types of damp conditions take place when a building is not protected by a properly installed damp proofing course or due to the omission of damp proofing. Both instances of damp can be damaging to a property, if not treated this can lead to further instances of damp such as wet rot or dry rot and encourage the growth of mould.

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Rising Damp Solutions

Damp Zone Ltd can help you identify and then solve your rising damp issues. With the use of our services, we will put procedures in place to prevent and greatly reduce the chance of rising damp setting in again.

Signs of Rising Damp

  • Mortar crumbling and/or salt deposits on the external walls of the property

  • Tide marks – up to the height where the water has reached in the wall, which can be up to 1m above the skirting board in some cases.

  • Damp staining or patches often yellowish or brown in colour

  • Blistering paint or peeling wallpaper

  • Salts blooming on the internal surface of a wall causing paint to bubble or white fluffy deposits on the surface.

  • Decaying timber such as floor boards or skirting boards

  • Cracked or crumbling skirting boards or damaged paint

  • Black Mould

  • Damp, musty smell.

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Treating Rising Damp

Chemical DPC injections are a water-based cream that contains no hydro-carbon solvents. Once the cream is injected into the wall it reverts into a liquid, which allows it to infuse into the bricks and absorb the moisture within the wall. As the cream cures it creates a water – repellent barrier, that stops water rising up the wall. Chemical DPC injections are highly effective at treating rising damp and provide long-lasting protection.

Do you have a rising damp or penetrating damp issue in your home or premises. Call Damp Zone Ltd for specialist assistance or get a no obligation survey of your property.

Rising Damp: Services

Our Rising Damp Proofing Process

Removal of all affected plaster and materials on affected walls

Apply anti-sulphate solution to affected walls

Damp Proofing Cream is injected into a series of specifically placed holes in the affected walls

Tanking slurry, a polymer modified cement coating, is applied to the affected walls

Once treatment is complete the affected areas are re-plastered and re-skimmed

Rising Damp: Features

Penetrating Damp Solutions

Penetrating damp can occur in any location on a building but is more often found on higher levels. Our expert technicians can locate where your property is suffering from penetrating damp, and using our range of products and equipment, will deliver a damping solution that will leave you satisfied.

Signs of Penetrating Damp

  • Damp staining on external walls

  • Increased heat loss

  • Damp plasterwork

  • Damp patches on ceilings or walls

  • Visible rot setting into any timber structures

  • Black Mould

  • Drips and puddles

  • Unpleasant musty smells

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Treating Penetrating Damp

The longer penetrating damp goes left untreated, the more harm it can have on the structure of your property. Our experienced and qualified surveyors will identify, diagnose and treat any penetrating damp to restore your property to its natural dry and safe condition.

Rising Damp: Services

Our Penetrating Damp
Proofing Process

Identify and remove the source of moisture

Treat brickwork and walls to protect from additional moisture ingress

Replace affected plasterwork and remove any black mould that may be present

Repair timbers infected with dry or wet rot by treating

Rising Damp: Features
Rising Damp: Services
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Contact Damp Zone Ltd to find the best solutions to get rid of any penetrating or rising damp in your property.

Call us today for a free inspection of your residence

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