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Dry Rot & Wet Rot Solutions

Dry rot is different to wet rot as it requires less moisture to germinate. Dry rot occurs when excess moisture builds upon wood structures which enables harmful types of fungi to grow. Wet rot can be caused by a fungus called Coniophora Puteana or by a separate fungus known as Poria Vaillantii. Wet rot tends to remain in the damp area, rather than spreading throughout the property like dry rot. Wet rot is generally a type of fungal species that can appear within any wood where moisture and dampness is present. Our team at Damp Zone Ltd has extensive knowledge in dealing with damage caused by this type of damp.

Timber Treatment Solutions

When treating timber in your property, we take every care in routing out only the infected wood and leaving the healthy wood untouched. Following a thorough survey of your property Damp Zone Ltd will ensure to get rid of all instances of rotten or rotting timber present in your home.

Signs of Dry Rot

  • Wood shrinks, darkens and cracks in a cuboidal manner

  • Silky grey or mushroom coloured skin with patches of lilac or yellow developing on woodwork

  • White fluffy 'cotton-wool' mycelium developing. Tear drops sometimes develop on growth

  • Strands develop in the mycelium, becoming brittle, dry and crack when bent

  • Fruiting bodies are soft, fleshy and pancake like or bracket with an orange ochre surface having wide pores

  • Rust red coloured spore dust can be seen around the fruiting bodies

  • Active decay produces a musty, damp odour

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Dry Rot Treatment

There are a number of ways in which we can treat and repair dry rot affected areas. This may include using a masonry steriliser spray and applying Boracol Solution to the affected area. Depending on the location of the dry rot and the severity will generally determine what kind of treatment we will apply. The first thing our Damp Zone Ltd experts will do is locate the source of the moisture and fix the fault. We will then proceed to open up the affected area by removing plaster and render in all directions as well as removing flooring and lifting up floorboards.

Signs of Wet Rot

  • Fungus growing on timber

  • Affected timber will feel soft and spongy, with a darker appearance than surrounding, healthy wood

  • Timber will crack easily and crumble into fine particles when dry

  • Damp, musty smell

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Wet Rot Treatment

As with dry rot, the way we treat wet rot will depend on the area that is affected and the severity of the outbreak. Our first duty will be to identify and remove any sources of moisture from the areas affected as well as identifying any affected timber. The timber is then replaced with specially treated wood to help prevent a repeat occurrence. We then aim to promote a dry environment by providing ventilation to the area. Damp Zone Ltd are experienced in installing numerous ventilation systems in various locations. We ensure that we will provide you with the right solution. This is necessary as this will help to promote air flow and reduce water vapour in your room which will prevent the fungus from returning.

Signs of Woodworm

  • Adult beetles emerging from holes or are predominantly present in your home

  • Small round holes in your woodwork

  • Fine, powdery dust around these holes

  • Crumbly edges to boards and joists

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Woodworm Treatment

Damp Zone Ltd used water-based chemicals and treatments which are designed to be non-odorous and are harmless to people and pets. The treatment is designed to seep deep into the timbers and stay there, preventing further woodworm colonies from developing. We ensure we access all areas affected including walls, sub-floors and under floor boards. In severely infested cases, we may need to apply fogging treatment to ensure longer lasting and effective treatment of the property. Note that depending on the woodworm treatment required, occupants within the premises may need to vacate the property for a short period of time.

Dry rot, wet rot or woodworm infestations in your home or premises, can create long term damaging affects. Give Damp Zone Ltd a call today so we can help or offer you a no obligation survey of your property.

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Don't let dry rot or wet rot settle into your home. Contact the professionals at  Damp Zone Ltd to discover how we can solve your damping issues

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